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my requirement is to create an admin screen in liferay. The admin will have options to show/hide fields and set mandatory (y/n). I dont want to a large page with all the dropdowns to select each and every field.

I was thinking how about grouping all 'view' fields together.

Can anybody give me some idea. (Basically I want to make it look short and sweet :P )

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Hi simplysiby, this looks more like a ui\ux question and there is a StackExchange for that. You might have better luck there. –  rp. Jan 16 '12 at 18:57
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For the "admin screen" itself it sounds like you want a portlet's "edit" mode. Alternatively you might want to configure a portlet to appear in the control panel.

If the question is more directed on how to actually develop the interface, this is standard portlet development - I'd need some more information about the intent then.

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