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Is there something like a HTML5 enabling script, that simulates the function of new HTML5 elements for older browsers?

I know there is html5shim, but that only makes the elements style-able.

I was more looking for a solution, that makes new HTML5 elements behave like they should.

Here are some examples:

Is there a solution, that provides all of them as one? And all the other new HTML5-Elements as well?

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There is no current solution that emulates all the emulatable features of the HTML5 spec. If you would write one that aggregates all the solutions that would be great o/. – Raynos Jan 16 '12 at 19:37
e.g. make <video>, <audio>, <canvas> etc... work in older browsers? – Marc B Jan 16 '12 at 19:37
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HTML5 polyfills

has a large list of all polyfills.

There is no large project that "emulates" all of HTML5. Mind you Modernizr is probably the most complete project to that end.

My personal recommendation is find and use polyfills as and when you need them. Loading less features is always better.

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