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I have 2 libs: owls.jar and envy.jar. They depends on lib jena.jar but two differnet, incompitables versions. envy using old version - jena.jar, owls new - jena2.jar I want to use them togever at web application running on glassfish-3.0.1. I`m using IDEA 11 for deploying my web app.

I have directory tree like this:

  • webapp/web-inf/lib/envy.jar
  • webapp/web-inf/lib/owls.jar
  • webapp/lib/envy/jena.jar
  • webapp/lib/owls/jena2.jar

I add into manifest.mf of envy and owls libs class-path like this: ../../lib/envy/jena.jar

I use -verbose:class option and I always get loaded class from jena.jar.If I`m using or not using envy.jar at all, I always get loaded class from jena.jar. Only if I delete envy.jar then classes loads from jena2.jar

Is there are any way to use both of this libs?

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The only way to use 2 different version of the same class is to laod them through 2 different classloaders. That is you have to load owls.jar__and __jena.jar with one class loader and envy.jar and jena2.jar with another. This solution has its own pitfalls, you should probably right custom code that will be able to use another classloader when it's necessary, maybe you will end up with writing your own class loader.

As far as I know there is no built in solution for such situation. May be, it is easier to use older version of one the jar's above that can support the same version of jena.jar This is much easier solution.

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May be you can give some example? I only know how to load classes and then access them using reflection, but I don't know how to load classes for some 3dparty library. I know how to load owls classes, but how I can load classes of jena2 for owls lib? –  kornero Jan 16 '12 at 14:05
Unfortunately, I need to use library wich uses a new version of jena. And also I need another lib wich uses old version of jena and there will be no further updates of it. So as I understand there is no way to do it? Or I could do with my own class loader? If yes, then may be you know something what I can read about it(how to load classes for 3dparty libs)? –  kornero Jan 16 '12 at 14:13

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