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I have a Restlet Web Service that is returning a PDF document and the client side needs to receive this docuement and display it.

Server Side Code:

orderNumber = f.getFirstValue(PARAM_ORDER_NUMBER);
orderType = f.getFirstValue(PARAM_ORDER_TYPE).toUpperCase();

String fileName = OrderDM.getPDF(orderNumber, orderType);

pdfRep = new FileRepresentation(new File(fileName), MediaType.APPLICATION_PDF, 0);
return pdfRep;

Client Side:

ClientResource client = getClientResource(PRINTER_FRIENDLY_DOCUMENT_RESOURCE);
Reference reference = client.getReference();

reference.addQueryParameter(PARAM_ORDER_TYPE, orderType);
reference.addQueryParameter(PARAM_ORDER_NUMBER, orderNumber);

ByteArrayOutputStream outputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
byte[] fileContent = outputStream.toByteArray();

Will this work and is this the best way to do this.

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I do the same on server side and that works fine. But for the client side, I have to display the file in the browser so I just open a new browser window that references the resource on the server and let the browser handle the bytestream. – koma Jan 16 '12 at 15:34

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