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I created a test blog from the excellent but outdated tutorial http://howtonode.org/express-mongodb I can add articles to the database, but I can not see the details from a particular article. I get the following error:

500 Error: failed to locate view "blog_show.jade"

I am huge n00b in node.js but try to figure things out along the way. One comment under the article states that the createFromHexString function is depreciated. Can someone please help? Thanks

ArticleProvider.prototype.findById = function(id, callback) {
this.getCollection(function(error, article_collection) {
  if( error ) callback(error)
  else {
    article_collection.findOne({_id: article_collection.db.bson_serializer.ObjectID.createFromHexString(id)}, function(error, result) {
      if( error ) callback(error)
      else callback(null, result)


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The error is not coming from the code shown above. Are you sure you have blog_show.jade in your views folder? –  alessioalex Jan 16 '12 at 13:21
I followed the same tutorial and have been having trouble with the findOne function in general. –  Primus202 Jul 17 '12 at 14:01
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