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I want to hit a remote URL

After googling, I decided to use dojo.io.script.get, as cross-channel calls are supported only in that. But, I keep getting the below error in my FF browser, but the correct response is also shown thr.

syntax error http://reviews.apitestcustomer.bazaarvoice.com/bvstaging/data/reviews.json?callback=%3F&Filter=ProductId%3A14151&PassKey=t5sv9b3nvawhkljtlmegk8d6s&apiversion=5.0 Line 1

?({"Includes":{},"HasErrors":false,"Offset":0,"TotalResults":2,"Locale":"en_US","Errors":[],"Results":[{"TagDimensions":{},"TagDimensionsOrder":[],"AdditionalFieldsOrder":[],"Cons":null,"IsRecommended":null,"IsRatingsOnly":false,"UserNickname":null,"Pros":null,"Photos":[],"ContextDataValues":{},"Videos":[],"ContextDataValuesOrder":[],"LastModificationTime":"2012-01-10T09:10:33.000-06:00","SubmissionId":"ex7csdrwiorg3tbgpshbfcljd","TotalFeedbackCount":0,"TotalPositiveFeedbackCount":0,"BadgesOrder":[],"UserLocation":null,"Badges":{},"AuthorId":"shiji_sk","SecondaryRatingsOrder":[],"IsFeatured":false,"ProductRecommendationIds":[],"Title":"test title","ProductId":"14151","AdditionalFields":{},"CampaignId":null,"Helpfulness":null,"TotalNegativeFeedbackCount":0,"SubmissionTime":"2012-01-09T05:55:58.000-06:00","ContentLocale":"en_US","Rating":5,"RatingRange":5,"TotalCommentCount":0,"ReviewText":"test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test","ModerationStatus":"APPROVED","ClientResponses":[],"Id":"759582","SecondaryRatings":{},"CommentIds":[],"LastModeratedTime":"2012-01-10T09:10:33.000-06:00"},{"TagDimensions":{},"TagDimensionsOrder":[],"AdditionalFieldsOrder":[],"Cons":null,"IsRecommended":null,"IsRatingsOnly":false,"UserNickname":null,"Pros":null,"Photos":[],"ContextDataValues":{},"Videos":[],"ContextDataValuesOrder":[],"LastModificationTime":"2012-01-10T09:10:33.000-06:00","SubmissionId":"p6q13u5vgiqjfyk1xl5mktuvp","TotalFeedbackCount":0,"TotalPositiveFeedbackCount":0,"BadgesOrder":[],"UserLocation":null,"Badges":{},"AuthorId":"shiji","SecondaryRatingsOrder":[],"IsFeatured":false,"ProductRecommendationIds":[],"Title":"white review title","ProductId":"14151","AdditionalFields":{},"CampaignId":null,"Helpfulness":null,"TotalNegativeFeedbackCount":0,"SubmissionTime":"2012-01-09T04:16:40.000-06:00","ContentLocale":"en_US","Rating":5,"RatingRange":5,"TotalCommentCount":0,"ReviewText":"review for White Fabric Roll Arm Chaise & Contemporary Upholstered Armchair:\nGood one :-)","ModerationStatus":"APPROVED","ClientResponses":[],"Id":"759547","SecondaryRatings":{},"CommentIds":[],"LastModeratedTime":"2012-01-10T09:10:33.000-06:00"}],"Limit":10});

This is my script:

_invokeCrossSiteService: function(url, method, content, catEntryId, callbackFunction, appData, refresh)
    alert("in _invokeCrossSiteService..........................");
    if (content != null) {
        var temp = content;
        content = dojo.toJson(temp,false);

         // The URL to get JSON from Twitter         
         url: "http://reviews.apitestcustomer.bazaarvoice.com/bvstaging/data/reviews.json",         
         // The callback paramater         
         //callbackParamName: "callback", 
         // The content to send         
         content: {       
                    callback: "?",
                    Filter: "ProductId\:"+catEntryId, // Searching for catEntryId
                    PassKey: "t5sv9b3nvawhkljtlmegk8d6s",
                    apiversion: "5.0"
         // The success callback         
         load: function(resp) {

            alert("resp in _invokeCrossSiteService - "+resp);
            callbackFunction(status, data, appData);
         error: function(resp){
             alert("in error - "+resp);

Can someone pls help me out here??

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It seems you are using JavaScript and not Java. It looks to me that you are not passing a valid parameter for callback or that dojo is not replacing it properly. You should definitely read up about JSONP (which is what you are doing here). –  Felix Kling Jan 16 '12 at 13:10
I think better way is to use webservices to read remote content. read json using javascript is not a secure way. you can do it using any json parsing ways. –  Manish Shrivastava Jan 16 '12 at 13:17

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callback: "?",


callbackParamName: "callback",
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The problem is here:

callback: "?"

You're using JSON-P (not just JSON). The way JSON-P works is by adding a script element to your page with the given URL; the script is then loaded from the remote endpoint, and (by JSON-P's general contract) it consists entirely of a call to the function name you provide, passing in a JavaScript object literal (JSON is a subset of object literal syntax).

So you need to give the endpoint you're calling the name of the function it should call once the resource has been loaded, as this is how JSON-P works. So for instance:

callback: "dataReady"

...where you have this global function on the page:

function dataReady(data) {

Note how what you get back is in the form ?(...) — because the name you're giving the function is ?.

I expect Dojo may well have a means of handling the function name and such for you, it may be worth looking at the docs to see if there's explicit JSON-P support. (There is in some other libraries.)

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