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I have the following query

SELECT * FROM campaigns where campaign_id IN ( 'idStrOne', 'idStrTwo', 'idStrThree' );

The results of which are being ordered by the primary key of the table campaigns which is 'id'. This is not the order I want.

I want the results to come back in the same order as the arguments to the IN function. So in this case the order I want is

idStrOne, idStrTwo, idStrThree

How do I get this order?

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You could try adding a CASE expression in the ORDER BY Clause

FROM campaigns 
WHERE campaign_id IN ( 'idStrOne', 'idStrTwo', 'idStrThree' )
(CASE campaign_id WHEN 'idStrOne' THEN 1 WHEN 'idStrTwo' THEN 2 ELSE 3 END);
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+1 love the case statement in the order by. Use it all the time, such a valuable tool! –  northpole May 20 '09 at 14:05

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