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I'm building a Flash banner (as3) for AdWords, but I can't find in their documentation whether it is possible to add hash or querystring variables to appear in the eventual target url when u are using a clickTAG. Ideally I would like to use both. For example, my banner has four input fields and I would like to build my target url thusly:

var base:String= "";
var qs:String= "?one=" + input1.text + "&two=" + input2.text;
var hs:String= "#three=" + input3.text + "&four=" + input4.text;
var targetUrl:String= base + qs + hs; URLRequest(targetUrl), "_blank");

Is this possible with AdWords while using clickTAG?

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Clicktags are generally just an URL sent to the swf via the adserver/publisher. It may be the URL you need (base in your example), or it may be a publisher tracker that redirects to the final landing page. In the latter case, simply attaching a query string won't work.

It might be possible to piggy-back a URL or a query string on the tracker, but how this is done would vary depending on the kind of tracker (if any).

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Thanks, I understand, but would you happen to know the specifics for AdWords? That's the only tracker I'm worried about in this case. – EPLKleijntjens Jan 16 '12 at 14:16
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Unfortunately AdWords doesn't allow this. It would make it possible to redirect to a url that wasn't checked by them.

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