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Does anyone know how to play streaming audio on Google TV device? MediaPlayer and VideoView can't do this.

Thanks for any solution.

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Which audio format you are trying to play?

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I try to play mpeg format. –  Natali Feb 1 '12 at 9:39
mpeg is a supported media format in Google TV. Can you share the url? –  Bhavya Feb 1 '12 at 18:08
Excample of url - –  Natali Feb 2 '12 at 8:44
I see you are trying to play streams from Icecast server which is similar to Shoutcast.Current Google TV devices doen't have support for no-content-length streams like Shoutcast.It will get fixed in the future releases. –  Bhavya Feb 2 '12 at 18:58
The issue has been already filed in Google TV issue tracker. Please look at code.google.com/p/googletv-issues/issues/detail?id=5 –  Bhavya Feb 2 '12 at 19:05

MediaPlayer should work. For the basic code for streaming with MediaPlayer, check out:


If you're having trouble getting MediaPayer to work with your audio, it might be a package or decoder compatibility issue. The Google TV supported media types can be found at:


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Thanks, its works for tables but Google TV does not support this audio format, so i want to find some extraneous solution like custom library etc. –  Natali Jan 17 '12 at 17:20

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