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Hi I am new to Iphone Development and using iphone sdk5.

I am trying to implement an application through which I can login and show my application if login is successful, otherwise show the error alert.

problem which I am facing right now is that I have first view as View controller and I want to send the login details through clicking the login button and I want to perform the Segue through the same button if the Login is success full and show my TabBar Application. I have tried to implement basic push Segue as well as Custom segue... someway I was able to do through custom segue by checking the if(Flag)..then perform the segue... but the point is that I set the flag when i see the login is correct otherwise it should not set the Flag... now when I run the application I have to click the button twice and then the segue is performed and I get to my application TabBarController..

Please share some alternate ways also if you have better suggestions for me...

Any Ideas... please answer as soon as possible.. Thanks for time

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The best method i can think of is:

  1. You can ctrl-drag from the First view controller to the Second view (tab view controller). [You can use the view controller object at the bottom of the scene to do this.]

  2. Create a identifier for the segue which was created, on the right hand side.

  3. Define a IBAction for your Login button

  4. Inside the IBAction do your FLAG checks

  5. If the condition is TRUE then you call the

     [self performSegueWithIdentifier: @"identifier_name_you_gave" sender:self];

Hope this helps

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