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I am beginner and i wanted to Extend the User Interface in Outlook 2010

1-i just wanted to ask if any chance i can Extend that menu when i open Email and press Right Click on the body menu i want to add some features ?

Right Click Email Body Menu

i Checked that link and couldnt really get what i need

2-Any Suggestion for where i should read more about doing Add-In for Outlook2010 ?

Thanks :)

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For #1 you may need access to the WordEditor from the active Outlook Inspector. See this post regarding how to get access to the WordEditor from the active inspector.

You will need to work within the Fluent Ribbon UI to create context menus. You just need to implement the IRibbonExtensibility interface. The Ribbon UI uses XML to construct UI elements and handle events. CommandBars have been deprecated in Outlook 2010.

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Thanks A lot :) – Lemo Jan 16 '12 at 17:52

The link you mentioned provides a start and links you further to which contains some sample code.

Additionally shows you how to do the same thing for 2007 (hopefully it hasn't changed).

Good luck!

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CommandBars are deprecated in Outlook 2010, I would remove the 2nd link. – SliverNinja Jan 16 '12 at 16:06

For resources on building add-ins for Outlook:

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