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I'm using cx_Oracle to select rows from one database and then insert those rows to a table in another database. The 2nd table's columns match the first select. So I have (simplified):

db1_cursor.execute('select col1, col2 from tab1')
rows = db1_cursor.fetchall()
db2_cursor.bindarraysize = len(rows)
db2_cursor.setinputsizes(cx_Oracle.NUMBER, cx_Oracle.BINARY)
db2_cursor.executemany('insert into tab2 values (:1, :2)', rows)

This works fine, but my question is how to avoid the hard coding in setinputsizes (I have many more columns). I can get the column types from db1_cursor.description, but I'm not sure how to feed those into setinputsizes. i.e. how can I pass a list to setinputsizes instead of arguments? Hope this makes sense - new to python and cx_Oracle

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Just use tuple unpacking. eg.

db_types = (d[1] for d in db1_cursor.description)
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Great thanks, hadn't seen that yet. –  Joe Watkins Jan 16 '12 at 16:17

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