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I want that some of the controls in my window will be surrounded by a border and a label above them that will contains a title, which tells something about a control (e.g. a list of persons, surrounded by a border, and above the list there is a label with the text "My Persons"). Since I want apply this on many controls, I don't want to write a specific xaml for each one of them. Should I create a user control, or is there a way to use styles/templates for that?

Visual Example:

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I would look into adorners and the adorner layer.

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It looks like with this solution I should write a class that derives from Adorner, and implement the logic there. Why is it better than a user control? Isn't there another way to do it using xaml only? – Andy May 20 '09 at 14:48
you could create a user control, and you could do this xaml only--probably take a LOT more code though. – Muad'Dib May 20 '09 at 15:51

Another way to accomplish this would be to create a custom/user control that derives from contentcontrol. Use a contentcontrol to vary the content and design the control to look however you want.

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