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I have a string:

 $string = 'some text <img src="www">';  

I want to get the image source and the text.
Here is what I have:

  $doc= new DOMDocument();  
  $nodes=$doc->getElementsByTagName ('img');  

From $nodes->item(0) I get the image source.
How can I get the the "some text"?

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Basics first: the "some text" is not part of the image tag, sol selecting by 'img' tag seems a bit odd –  Eugen Rieck Jan 16 '12 at 15:52
It was my first task to get the img src –  lvil Jan 16 '12 at 15:57

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For simple cases like this, try:

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textContent, or with DOMXPaths $xpath->query('//text()')

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You could make it like jQuery in javascript. Wrap the whole string with anything, and get this. Then you can get the TextNode, which contains this text.

$string = 'some text <img src="www">';  
$string = '<div id="wrapper">' . $string . '</div>';

$nodes = $doc->getElementById('wrapper');  
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