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How can I get height and width of a document in FPDF.

For example, I've next line:

$this->Cell(200,5,'ATHLETIC DE COLOMBIA S.A.',1,1,'C',1);

But, I want to do something like:

// $x = width of page
$this->Cell($x,5,'ATHLETIC DE COLOMBIA S.A.',1,1,'C',1);
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As far as I remember you can't do it with vanilla FPDF. You can either extend it to have a method that would return this value for you, or just store the width as a public property of fpdf object.

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The answer below should be the accepted one. – Simon Bengtsson Jul 18 '14 at 11:12
Yes it should.. – Mchl Jul 19 '14 at 23:28

Needed to do this myself so was just checking the most recent version of FPDF and it looks like the width & height are already available as public properties. So for anyone looking for the same info:

$pdf = new FPDF(); 
$pdf->addPage("P", "A4");

$pdf -> w; // Width of Current Page
$pdf -> h; // Height of Current Page

$pdf -> Line(0, 0, $pdf -> w, $pdf -> h);
$pdf -> Line($pdf -> w, 0, 0, $pdf -> h);

$pdf->Output('mypdf.pdf', 'I'); 
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This is the correct answer, although this isn't on the documentation page. – Michael Greisman Jan 13 '14 at 16:43

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