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I tried last 1 day. refer all the question related my problem but can't find such a solution. enter image description here

I had follow all the steps create certificates, appid, adding device id , create provision, set in the project. with this provision the app work fine in my iPhone4.

please help me Thank you in advance

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In xcode 4.2 there is a totally bug for when the creating the ipa and share that time best solution find me first of all find the share bundle and then following link for the solve that problem it's rally amazing

I solve that problem while creating the project

Reference link is here :-)

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Thanks a lot it's a really help ful tricks. – Hiren Jan 17 '12 at 5:17

You need to go to Build Settings > Code Signing and set the code signing profile automatically for each setting. Don't just use 'Automatic'.

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same error display, i have set the profile – Hiren Jan 16 '12 at 16:04

there maybe problem with Entitlements file as well.

You can find it in XCode 4.2 -> Targets -> bottom section 'Entitlements' There you can "Enable Entitlements". Other fields may be empty if the app doesn't need it.

Other codesign problems issued many time here. So you can find one of lots tutorials and remake codesign profile.

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I have checked. it's all correct. the issue is still there – Hiren Jan 17 '12 at 4:44

There is currently a lot of chatter on the forums (especially the Apple dev forums) that something has broken or been modified in the creation of certificates in the dev portal. All Apple dev portals are currently down (displaying the "back soon" post-it message) so hopefully this means that Apple are providing a fix.

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