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I would like that with an unique key on web.config, retrieve a dictionary of keyvalues.

To explain myself i little better, i would like to generate a dictionary with as many entries as "key values separated by comma" in the value of MyCodes app setting.

<add key="MyCodes" value="Members,X4567423
" />

As example and imaging that this is possible i would like to use it like


Is it possible?

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The way you want to access it with ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyCodes"]["Members"] is a dream :)

What you can do is create a wrapper class that will parse MyCodes and split them for you. Then you can access the different values not trough your ConfigurationManager but trough your wrapper class.

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its a pity but expected. I will do it this way, Thanks for the clear answer. – Jose3d Jan 16 '12 at 16:05

I would create a Settings file and then create a Dictionary in it. Not only does it give you want you want, but you have better type safety as well.

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