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How can I create a multilingual android application?

I am creating application and i am in the testing phase, but i want to make my application multilingual.

How can i make it multilingual ? What is the best way to make it ?

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The thing that you need to do is to create new folders in your res folder.

Example : If you need to add support to spanish and italian you need to do it like this :

  1. res folder

    1.1 values

    1.2 values-es // spanish

    1.3 values-it // italian

And after that you need to create string.xml files in values-es and values-it. And in all files you just need to create all string which you want to use like this :

<string name="title">Title</string>  // in values folder
<string name="title">Title in Spanish</string>  // in values-es folder
and etc.

And after that you can use these string as :

TextView text = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.textView);

And this should work.

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Take a look at this tutorial about localizing applications: http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/localization/index.html.

Maybe it helps.

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Numerous examples are available that can help you create multilingual app in android.

Have a look on these articles :



this will help you to create multilingual app in android.

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