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Could someone send me links to tutorials for views in general.

What I am hoping is that I add an object on my screen like a right arrow or left arrow for which I would be able to create events for each arrow.

Also if possible could someone link me a tutorial of how animation works with android.

Thank you for any help or guidance.

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The newest info is HERE.

That explains all about the design for all kind of terminals with android.

Here is the Basic view tutorials

and here a tutorial to desing in multiple screens sizes

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Thanks a lot dude! I appreciate. –  wesdfgfgd Jan 16 '12 at 16:22

The official Android Developers' Guide has got a really good introduction to using all sorts of different types of Views, including layouts, events, widgets, etc.

I'm sure they have things on animation as well, but I haven't looked into it that much.

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