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I am writing a simple task planner and reminder using Qt which will play a sound file when the date and time of any given task matches with the the current date and time.

To implement this, I am running a QThread which checks the task in the list to see if any match the current time and if so, plays the sound file.

This id my original class:

class Task
      QString ta, desc;
      QTime ti;
      QDate da;
      int pri, diff;
      bool ala;

This is my Thread Class:

class AlarmCheck : public QThread
      void setTask(QList<Task>);
      void run();
      bool isRunning;
      QString music;
      QTime alarmOffset;

      QList<Task> list;

My Implementation:

void AlarmCheck::setTask(QList<Task> l)
    list = l;

void AlarmCheck::run()
        foreach(Task t, list)
            if((t.da == QDate::currentDate()) && (t.ti == QTime::currentTime()) && t.ala)
                Phonon::MediaObject *gaana =
                                         "The time has come for\n"
                                         + t.ta +
                                         "\n Time to do it!");
            qDebug("Curr = " + QTime::currentTime().toString().toAscii() + " Date = " + QDate::currentDate().toString().toAscii());
            qDebug("Task = " + t.ti.toString().toAscii() + " Date = " + t.da.toString().toAscii());                

The thing is that the thread is running perfectly, but the if() condition inside the foreach() loop is never satisfied for some reason. I even checked the individual date/time/alarm setting (t.ala) using qDebugs (as you can see); they are all fine.

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Your if statement requires that the date and time match exactly, down to the millisecond. It is unlikely that your loop will evaluate at this exact moment. If you want to maintain similar logic (processing tasks in a loop), you might try sorting them by "next task first" (or perhaps using a queue), then testing in your if statement if the current QDateTime is equal-to-or-greater than the task date/time of the first task.

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Great one Dave. Thanks a lot for that really witty reply. My one more doubt is that I am actually targeting this to the Symbian s60 5th edition platform; wouldn't this constant 1 second check take a heavy toll on the battery of the phone? if yes, is there any better way to accomplish this task? –  Rahul De Jan 17 '12 at 5:27
I am not familiar with the Symbian platform's architecture at all. You might want to ask a separate question to get some advice on "best practices" for dealing with timers on that platform. But in general, yes, constantly querying in a loop that will result to "false" 99.9% of the time is not an ideal solution. Usually there is some kind of scheduler API you can tap into, or at least a timer you can poll at less frequent intervals. –  Dave Mateer Jan 17 '12 at 13:27
Ok Thanks. I think I will look into the QTimer API. It looks promising! –  Rahul De Jan 18 '12 at 14:08

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