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I am just learning about foreign keys. I am simplifying my tables to this:

Table:  item
Columns:  item_id (PK), qty

Table:  item_change_log
Columns:  id (PK), item_id (indexed), change_value

Both tables are INNODB.

Everytime a change in the item levels is made, the quantity changed is logged in the item_change_log.change_value. I want the change_value to automatically add/subtract item.qty.

The intended behavior:

User creates Item X. item.item_id = X, qty = 0. No record is made in item_change_log yet. User changes quantity of X on hand to 2. item_change_log: id = 1, item_id = X, change_value = 2. This change_value automatically increases item.qty = 2 via foreign keys.

I know how to make the foreign keys for the item id's see each other, but I don't know how to add the "math" element, or if that is possible.


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What you need is a trigger, but which?

  • Since it is the item_change_log table your user actually modifies, you need a trigger on item_change_log
  • Since you allways insert into item_change_log, you need an INSERT trigger
  • Since You only want to update item only, if the insert to item_change_log really works, you want an AFTER INSERT trigger

So here we go

CREATE TRIGGER update_item_table AFTER INSERT ON item_change_log
    UPDATE item SET qty=qty+NEW.qty WHERE item_id=NEW.item_id;
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+1 But there's no need for BEGIN and END here since it is a one-line statement. –  netcoder Jan 16 '12 at 16:54
@netcoder Ofcourse you are right, I think my fingers type the "FOR EACH ROW BEGIN" at the beginning of a trigger without any interaction with the brain. NOT updating my code - this would kill the context for your comment. –  Eugen Rieck Jan 16 '12 at 17:03

This is not handled via foreign keys. Instead, look into creating a trigger on the item_change_log table that will update item whenever a row is inserted.

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