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What are my options to consume a RESTful service using the .Net framework? When is WCF(using the WebChannelFactory) more preferable to HttpClient?

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Check out restsharp. I haven't used it, but am looking into it for consuming our own REST services.

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Microsoft`s newest HTTP library is here and I have a blog post showing how to use it here.

You would never want to use WebChannelFactory against a RESTful service. The coupling generated by WebChannelFactory defeats the point of REST.

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Your blog link is dead, can you fix it? – dcp Oct 9 '13 at 0:08
@dcp Sorry about that. – Darrel Miller Oct 9 '13 at 1:42
You'll want to see this package too: – Gilney Oct 25 '13 at 14:09
Mentioned Nuget package is deprecated. It is better to add a link to this one: – Andriy Buday Sep 17 '15 at 11:09
@AndriyBuday Updated. Thanks. – Darrel Miller Sep 17 '15 at 15:14

The hammock project makes it very easy to consume RESTful services, you can use it to easily create the required http requests you need:

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I think WCF is preferable whenever you want the abstraction it provides.

WCF provides an abstraction over the specific messaging and communication protocols being employed. Even only considering a RESTful scenario, you can more easily adapt to different message formats (XML, JSON, HTML).

WCF also provides configuration mechanisms, extensibility points, and instrumentation.

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There are a few more:

Hammock seems to be discontinued by the developer.

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Check out Spring.NET REST Client Framework too.

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Check out my project Resty.Net, it is written in c# but I suppose it can be consumed in any .net language. It provides a striking balance between the low level APIs for HTTP communication, and high level functionalists expected from a REST client.

I have also been blogging about it at

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There are few different ways of consuming REST services in .NET:

I've wrote a blog post that demonstrates first three options.

As of consuming through WCF or HttpClient I think it makes sense to read this SO question to understand the potential of REST services. When you consume a REST service via WCF you cannot use all that power.

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