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I have a PDF form created in Livecycle Designer ES2. It has renderer compatibility set to the previous PDF version (1.6) because the AcroFields collection was empty when I left it rendering in the latest version (either because iTextSharp isn't yet compatible with the latest version, or there's now a better way to do it. It would require a somewhat painful re-write + updating a bunch of older versions of the form that get filled in by the same method, so I didn't explore alternative techniques)

The problem I have is that the new form doesn't deal well with radio-buttons. In previous form versions, created in Acrobat Pro 8 (I believe) everything worked. In the new forms, I have some graphical errors:

I originally used standard radio buttons, and when I set the value it would convert the unchecked button to an empty square (instead of an empty circle). Not really caring what the image was, I had my form designer try checkbox grapics instead (although leaving the field with radio-button functionality). Now, the checkbox is applied correctly to the field, but it appears as if it is selected (in Acrobat Reader, the checkbox field is highlighted and the checkmark hard to see until you navigate away from it). In the generated and flattened version, all checkboxes appear have that "selected" look.

So, does anyone know why the checkboxes look like this. More importantly, is there a way to make sure the checkbox field reverts to its proper, unselected, graphic before flattening the file?

I can't access any sites to upload images other than G+, so here's a screenshot link:

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Can you post a very simple sample PDF or at least a screenshot of what you are seeing? I created a very simple PDF in LiveCycle with radio buttons and checkboxes and set them using iTextSharp and at a glance I don't see anything like your describing but I could completely be missing it. Also, LiveCycle uses what's called XFA for forms. When you force Acrobat 6 compat (PDF 1.5) you are effectively disabling XFA in favor of PDF Forms. You can program against XFA by using iTextSharp.text.pdf.XfaForm – Chris Haas Jan 16 '12 at 20:33
It may come down to converting the old forms to Xfa or writing a separate handler for new forms. I've uploaded two screenshots, one from the template I'm using with 2 checkboxes filled manually. The one on the bottom I just clicked, so you can see how it looks while it's still selected. The other shot has both "no" boxes checked by the PDF stamper using the AcroFields collection. – Kendrick Jan 16 '12 at 22:18
Although it still doesn't make sense, I was able to get Acrobat Pro installed on my PC and I found a check shape that was easier to view. Putting the checkmark on a sunken square radio button is difficult to see, but I switched the sunken square to a regular square and the check to a square as well, and it's a workable solution. I didn't answer the question so if someone does come up with a solution to the actual problem later, they can fill it out and I'll accept their answer. – Kendrick Jan 17 '12 at 21:33

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