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I have a simple problem. I want to delete all app request sent via my Facebook application. Facebook documentation gives following code to do that:

DELETE https://graph.facebook.com/[<request_id>_<user_id>]?access_token=[USER or APP ACCESS TOKEN]

My problem is how to make HTTP DELETE request in my rails application? I am using following code to make HTTP GET request:

client = HTTPClient.new
@data = client.get_content(URI.parse(
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Have a look at HTTPClient#delete method. I believe that's all you need. That should be smth like

client = HTTPClient.new
url = "https://graph.facebook.com/#{request_id}?access_token=#{access_token}"
data = client.delete url

Btw, why do you need that URI.parse and URI.encode stuff in you example?

And as you're dealing with Facebook I'd suggest looking at rest-graph gem. It's a pretty good tool for dealing with Facebook Graph API.

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If the above doesn't work you can also GET the url, but specify the method as delete:

"https://graph.facebook.com/[<req id>]?access_token=[<access_token>]&method=delete"

This works for GET, POST, and DELETE.

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