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I'm trying to use Sphinx to build docuemntation to push to github pages. I'm using the default html builder to generate help documentation and pushing that into a gh-pages branch (see https://github.com/sbt/sbt-native-packager/tree/gh-pages).

It appears like the github pages integration doesn't like directories beginning with _, and makes the _static directory hidden. My site appears with no style (much like myself).

Is there any way to configure Sphinx to use static/ instead of _static/ in its generated pages? I tried html_static_path but no dice.


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It is a known issue. See this Google Groups thread. The github-tools project has a workaround in sphinx.py.

See also http://stackoverflow.com/a/6398875/407651.

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The link to the answer that suggests using a .nojekyll empty file was killer. THANKS! –  jsuereth Jan 16 '12 at 20:30

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