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I have mootools and jquery both on the page.But the mootools plugin (formcheck) doesn't work when the jquery is called on the page. firebug gives this error in console:

this.form.getProperty is not a function at line 314 of formcheck.js

Here's the code of that line:

  this.options.submitAction || this.form.getProperty('action') || 'post');

I don't understand what the problem is. Would you help me?

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I faced a similar problem before and I fixed it by replacing the $ in the jQuery code to the word jQuery

For example:


will be:

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If jQuery is the problem, try using the built-in feature named noConflict().

You can call it like this:


Then you can wrap your original $(...) code like this:

(function($) {

original $(...) code    

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here's an answer from the mootools perspective as well.

probably further up, like inside your initialize method, you have something like:

this.form = $(element); 

due to jquery not returning the actual element but a wrapped element in itself, it will fail as jquery does not have a setProperty method. replace all mentions of $() in the mootools class with document.id or put it inside a closure that implicitly sets it.

(function($) {

// class with reliance on $ here


mootools has had a document.id fallback since version 1.2.2 or 1.2.3, can't remember. in fact, since that version, it won't redefine $ if already set and will only rely on document.id to work.

since you use setProperty in the class, it leads me to think you may be using mootools 1.1x - in which case, no fallback will be available and you're stuck with noConflict on the jquery side.

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