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I have 2 large server lists. One list is mine and another is a priority list of servers to get AD working on. I would like to compare the two lists so i can tell which servers on the priority list have had the AD software loaded on them(my list has these servers + others). The end result would hopefully be a new column/spreadsheet with the servers not on my list but that are on the priority list so i know what work still needs to be done. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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More info on your layout would have been useful but:

  • My Duplicate Master adddin has a "Unique Items (occur only once option") that will list any items that occur only once. The addin can extract either unique cells, unique rows, or rows based on certain unique columns. It will also handle case sensitivity / whitespaces /regexp string matching
  • Chip Pearson provides formulaetechniques for extracting items that occur in one list but not another here

duplicate master sample

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