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I'm trying to open a directshow video source (webcam/push source) using the ffmpeg api however I'm not having any luck. I've tried using


however I don't think this is the right way... Does anyone have any pointers?

I'm using visual studio and c++ on a windows system

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This doesn't use the ffmpeg API, but might help you with your video grabbing.

I found a sample app on codeproject called LiveVideo that can grab video from a WebCam using DirectShow. It's from 2004, but has classes that wrap the ever-inscrutable DirectShow API, which was massively helpful. I was able to modify this project to simultaneously grab from two webcams on my XP laptop.

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Seems like a decent project! however I was kind of hoping to use ffmpeg as I've already built some stuff using it that I was hoping to add on! – kiwijus Jan 17 '12 at 21:41

You might also look at the OpenCV examples.

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Maybe use DirectShow + ffmpeg wrapper for required output format? So, open webcam using DirectShow way, not ffmpeg.

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