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I have a button in a .xhtml file which calls a javascript function which calls a java function remotely (in jboss seam environment). That java function has an entityManager.persist(object). Do you know why this line of code doesn't commit to the DB? It says something that a transaction hasn't started. I supose in a remote context i don't have a transaction began because if i put an action on that button which calls the same java function instead of using javascript is above, it works fine; entityManager persists the object and i can see it in the DB.

Does anyone has any ideas how could i make to actually persist the object using javascript to call the java function? (i have to use javascript because i need the callback function )

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Could you post the relevant parts of your code? Its a bit hard to diagnose based on your text alone. – Daan van Yperen May 21 '09 at 7:44

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To ensure a transaction You could extend org.jboss.seam.util.Work:

new Work()
    protected Object work() throws Exception {
        // do your stuff
        return null;  
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