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Ayende, my mails are not delivered to your mailing list, so I'll ask here, maybe someone else would have a solution to my problem.

I'm testing ravendb again and again :) and I think I found a little bug. On your documentation page I read

The maximum number of indexing tasks allowed to run in parallel Default: the number of processors in the current machine

But beside that, looks like RavenDB is using only a one core to do indexing tasks. And it takes too long with a single core to finish indexing large dataset. I tried overriding that configuration and assigned 3 to MaxNumberOfParallelIndexTasks, but still, it uses only single core. take a look at this screenshot http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3055964/Untitled.gif CPU utilization is at 25% only, and I have a quad core processor. I didn't modify affinity mask.

Am I doing something wrong or I have just crossed a bug? Thanks

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Davita, I fixed the mailing list issue.

The problem you are seeing is likely because you are seeing only one index that has work to do. The work for a single index is always done on a single CPU. We spread the work of indexing across multiple CPUs on index boundary.

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Makes sense, Thanks Ayende :) –  Davita Jan 17 '12 at 6:43

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