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I tried this query below but it still returns days that had -1 values. I want the where clause to return rows that are 2 days or newer. Thanks!

SELECT uniqueKey,(TO_DAYS(TimeStampColumn) - TO_Days(Now())) as 'dayDiff'
 FROM couponextractor.tblresults
 where 'dayDiff' >= 0
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Because you just compare string 'daydiff' >= 0, which always evaluates to 0 => true

You need to get rid of quotes and use HAVING, beside that's very inefficient query... it's better to compute the date before and just use >= operator on the column.

HAVING dayDiff >= 0

So just compute the exact date, and then just do WHERE TimeStampColumn >= "XXXX-XX-XX AA:AA:AA" so it can be optimized by the server if you have indexes.

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ahh ty SELECT uniqueKey,(TO_DAYS(TimeStampColumn) - TO_Days(Now())) as dayDiff FROM couponextractor.tblresults having dayDiff = 0 – user222427 Jan 16 '12 at 19:52


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Why don't you use the MYSQL DATEDIFF- Function?

 SELECT uniqueKey,DATEDIFF(TimeStampColumn,Now()) as 'dayDiff'
 FROM couponextractor.tblresults
 where DATEDIFF(TimeStampColumn,Now()) >= 1

Think this will do the job. Perhaps you have to cast the TimeStampColumn.

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