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Is it possible to only allow existing users to register new users? I don't want just anyone to be able to hit the /users/sign_up page, only if you are already logged in. This is an internal app, so all users are trusted to be able to add other users.

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By default, if you are logged in and if you go to /users/sign_up you are redirected with the notice that you are already signed in. –  Dean Perry Jan 16 '12 at 19:57

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You should take a look to the cancan gem!

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You can to using http authentication in your environment. Using the warden


before_filter :authenticate_homol

def authenticate_homol
  if (Rails.env == 'staging') # for example
    authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic do |username, password|
      username == "login" && password == "123456"
    warden.custom_failure! if performed?
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