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<script type="text/javascript ">
<body onLoad="timeTracker._recordStartTime();">
<body onunload ="timeTracker._recordEndTime(); timeTracker._track(pageTracker);"

I am trying to use this code to record the time interval between load and unload of a page.

Unfortunately, it does not work. Why?

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First of all you place html tags inside javascript block... – Cristy Jan 16 '12 at 20:21
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You may only specify one <body> tag. Also, it's not possible in HTML to specify plain HTML tags inside script tags.

Either add the handler through JavaScript, or merge the attributes in one <body>-tag. JavaScript is case-sensitive, so you should use window.unload (lowercase) instead of window.onLoad.


window.onload = function() {
window.onunload = function() {

OR (without <script> tags):

<body onLoad="timeTracker._recordStartTime();" onunload ="timeTracker._recordEndTime(); timeTracker._track(pageTracker);">
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