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I have a button with a rollover using jquery ui to add the class "ui-state-hover" so that the background color/color change on rollover.

Here is the css for the rollover:

.ui-state-hover { border: none; background: #d0e5f5 url(images/ui-bg_glass_75_d0e5f5_1x400.png) 50% 50% repeat-x; font-weight: bold; color:#fff !important; }

I am trying to add seperate css for a rollover on another button which has the class "ui-priority-cart" by adding this css:

.ui-priority-cart .ui-state-hover{color:#00dfff !important;}

however it does not seem to be affecting the color as it still remains white on rollover. Am I missing something?

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Does your button have both classes applied? Seeing a working demo would help. –  j08691 Jan 16 '12 at 21:10

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Your CSS rule should be:

.ui-priority-cart.ui-state-hover { /* your rules here */ }

Note the lack of a space, this will apply to an element with both classes ui-priority-cart and ui-state-hover, which I believe is what you're looking for.

The difference is, the CSS you posted would apply to elements with a class of ui-state-hover inside an element with a class of ui-priority-cart.

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Thanks. Stupid. –  Sackling Jan 16 '12 at 21:15

That applies to any element with the class .ui-state-hover that is a child of an element with a .ui-priority-cart class.

you may be looking for .ui-priority-cart.ui-state-hover which means any element that have both classes.

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