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I am working on a SaaS based model which would be used to support multiple UI, platforms(web/mobile/tablet/desktop). Currently the architecture is a 3-tier MVC model and I am looking for any guidance on reference architecture to support multiple UI and can handle the scenario better(might not be a MVC model).

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MVC is a design pattern not an architectural style, SOA is an example of an architectural model. –  Kane Jan 16 '12 at 21:23

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Try reading Chapter 6[Presentation Layer Guidelines] of this book Microsoft Application Architecture Guide. You can get it online.

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Although your question is rather open ended and a lot will depend on your exact requirements (what type of UIs, performance criteria, security, etc) a common architecture would be to deploy a RESTful service. When implemented correctly it's a technology neutral and lightweight way to expose functionality. Your webapp could be as simple as a (mostly) static site that talks JSON over HTTP to your REST service.

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