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i have a listbox that is populated this way with two Databindings ("Frage" and "Surenummer"):

in c#:

                           var filteredData = from c in xmlDatei.Descendants("quran")
                           //   where c.Attribute("VerseID").Value == isolatedStore["zaehler_koran"].ToString() // "2"
                           where (string)c.Element("nummer") == "3" // isolatedStore["zaehler_koran"].ToString()
                           select new xmlaufbau()
                               Frage = (string)c.Element("inhalt"),
                               surenummer = (string)c.Element("sura") + ":" + (string)c.Element("verse")

                           listBox2.ItemsSource = filteredData;

This works really fine, everything ok.

My problem is this:

When i select an item in the listbox, i would love to get the "surenmmer" of the selected item in the listbox and display it in a textblock.

Can anybody help me with this?

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Try this:

 (listBox2.SelectedItem as xmlaufbau).surenmmer
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great...thank you very much, this worked :-) –  Basem Abdelfattah Jan 18 '12 at 20:22

I am not sure if I understand you here.

but try this:

On the selection changed event fired by the listbox: TextBlock.text=listbox2.SelectedItem.surenummer

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