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I am having an issue with QT touch/multitouch support under Windows 8 running on an Acer W501 x86 tablet with a 4-point touch screen.

I have a QGraphicsView widget on which I've done


The widget's parent has an eventFilter method:

bool MyGUI::eventFilter(QObject* pObject, QEvent* pEvent)
    QEvent::Type eType = pEvent->type();
    if (pObject == _uiWindow._multitouchArea)
        if ((eType == QEvent::TouchBegin) || (eType == QEvent::TouchEnd) || (eType == QEvent::TouchUpdate))
            // invoke multi touch event handling here
        else if ((eType == QEvent::MouseButtonPress) || (eType == QEvent::MouseButtonRelease) || (eType == QEvent::MouseMove))
            // invoke mouse based handling here
        return pObject->event(pEvent);

    return false;

which is installed on the QGraphicsViewWidget.

Now I understand that Qt by default interprets single point touch events as mouse events and sends them to the application like that. However, I've been unable to trigger any TouchBegin/TouchUpdate/TouchEnd events whatsoever no matter how hard I mash the touch screen with any part(s) of my anatomy...

Is there something that I am missing here?

Thank you all!

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Interestingly, I tried replacing the QGraphicsView with a simple QWidget. The QWidget seems to receive touch events just fine... –  Charilaos Papadopoulos Jan 16 '12 at 22:08

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Did you try installing the event filter on the viewport() of the graphicsview? This is where the events are sent.

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