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I'm running into a bit of trouble trying to call my native iOS application from my web app (apple-mobile-web-app-capable). Whenever I'm in Safari pressing the button to open my app with a custom url scheme, that works just fine.

However, when I've added it to the home screen I get stuck with the error: The URL can't be shown. Redirecting to http or https works fine but if I call mysupercustomurlscheme:// I get the error message above.

I've tried opening it by document.location.href, window.location, etc etc but nothing seems to do the trick and I've run out of ideas.

If anyone has got any ideas I'd be most grateful to hear them.

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, here's a somewhat clumsy way to do it, but it works and might help some poor soul out there trying to achieve the same thing.

First, create a simple HTML link as, apparently, regular HTML links open in Mobile Safari instead of within the full screen view in the web app. Link

In redirect.html you simply redirect the user with some simple javascript. window.location = "mysupercustomurlscheme://"

And that's it! It's certainly not the best way to do it but it's 'fairly' seamless. That's what I came up with at least, if you have any other suggestions do let me know.

Hope this helps someone!

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