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I would like to be able to visually graph coordinates just like you can do with qgis but without all the hassle of using that python library, something more straight forward maybe?

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"Visually graph coordinates" is a very vague specification of a use case, just as "without all the hassle" is a vague constraint on a desired answer. Consider making your question more specific to avoid it being closed as a shopping recommendation. – millimoose Jan 16 '12 at 22:32
UNM Mapserver has Python Mapscript bindings but if it fits the bill is relative to what you understand as a hassle. – ChristopheD Jan 16 '12 at 22:51

What exactly is your problem with QGIS? Daniel J. Lewis has prepared a nice writeup about Python mapping: As your focus seems to be just to graph things, especially descartes might to be worth a look:

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You can use a combination of shapely and the Matplotlib pylab module as Sean Gillies does in this post. Shapely can be found on pypi.

x, y = geom.xy
pylab.plot(x, y)

Make sure to also checkout Fiona (nicer ogr byndings for Python). You might also want to ask the same question on

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