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I want to create an ipa file but I get the following error message. Maybee someone knows what's going on here? Or just a hint where the error might be.

Error message

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Sometimes it may happen that Xcode Archiver fails to generate ipa file. Then here is the another option.

  • Build the application.
  • After successful build go to "Products" folder in your project navigator.
  • Right click on it and go to "Show in Finder".
  • Copy the .app file.
  • Create a new folder at some other location lets say on Desktop with name "Payload".
  • Paste that .app file in Payload folder.
  • Zip the Payload folder.
  • Rename that zipped folder with .ipa

Thats it.

Reverse procedure is used to retrieve the app file from an ipa file.

Hope this answer helps.

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Check to make sure you have changed your Code Signing Identity to a Distribution profile, rather than your Developer profile cert. You need to explicitly create a Distribution cert in the provisioning areas of the Apple Developer website.

Here are two links that are pretty helpful, first and second.

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