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How can i parse my json style result from Cassandra? I'm using the cassandra-cql gem for rails and i want to parse the query result to list all messages. My query looks like:

def self.get_messages uid
  @@db.execute("SELECT * FROM messages WHERE uid=?", uid)

how can i list all messages? My current view is:

<% json_dec = ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(u.row.to_json) %>
<% json_dec.each do |f| %>
  <%= f[1] %><br/>

and it returns:

[{"name"=>"uid", "value"=>"1", "timestamp"=>-1}, {"name"=>"1326751801", "value"=>"test content", "timestamp"=>1326751801970000}, {"name"=>"1326754147", "value"=>"some content to test", "timestamp"=>1326754147612000}]

Is there any better way for the query? how do others solve this problem?

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Encoding to json and the decoding again doesn't make much sense. Instead you can call #to_hash on the row object which will give you a hash of column_name => value. Then you could iterate over that:

<% row.to_hash.each do |key, value| %>
  <p>key: <%= key %>, value: <%= value %></p>

It also looks like you need to change your implementation of get_message to call fetch:

def self.get_messages uid
  @@db.execute("SELECT * FROM messages WHERE uid=?", uid).fetch
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thanks thats great! – user934801 Jan 17 '12 at 18:56

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