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Basically, I am trying to build an app that allows me and my friend to update a list of strings. I'm having trouble finding how to allow both phones to manipulate the data. Do I have to set up a server or use C2DM (I Hope not, because I don't know much about this), or is there a simpler way? Like a simple database we can both read from and write to? Thank you.

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Do I have to set up a server

The simplest solution is to have a server. Whether you set it up yourself or you use something like Google App Engine, Amazon's RDS, or similar "cloud" solutions, is up to you.

or use C2DM

That's not an "or". You need a server as a central store for the data that both devices can access. How you elect to have Device B know of Device A's changes (manual refresh, periodic polling, C2DM, etc.) is up to you.

is there a simpler way?

The server is the simpler way. Devices do not allow other devices to poke at their innards, for obvious security reasons. You're welcome to try to cook up some SMS-based solution or the like to avoid a server, but a server is the most straightforward solution.

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I threw together a couchdb server (the couchbase version) and use that as a restful web service. All you have to do is marshall the JSON to the server and you're done. –  John O'Connor Jan 17 '12 at 2:27

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