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I can add and delete a new recurring event, but how can I edit/delete one event in a recurring event using the new Android Calendar API? And if it is possible how do I update a reminder on one event?

Regards Daniel

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Maybe this will help:

// First retrieve the instances from the API.
Events instances = service.events().instances("primary", "recurringEventId").execute();

// Select the instance to edit
Event instance = instances.getItems().get(0);

if(youWantToCancel) {
     Event updatedInstance = service.events().update("primary", instance.getId(),   instance).execute();

    service.events().delete("primary", instance.getId()).execute();

If you want to delete multiple events within a recurrence, simply set the ids to some obvious string like "ToBeDeleted" and perform: service.events().delete("primary", "ToBeDeleted").execute(); See docs

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Thanks for your response, it looks good, but I didn't had time yet to test it, but I let you know! –  DaHanz Jan 18 '12 at 11:14
have any success yet? –  rior Jan 19 '12 at 15:38

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