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I am doing a meeting system that display documents (PDFs) for end-users using Adobe Flash AS3 and Adobe Air. as a requirement we need to develop some interactive tools between end-users alike chat, sending files, polls and such stuff, but I should do it based on peer-to-peer connection. (No client/server method is allowed due to cost and security reasons)

My question is: Can flash through Flash/ActionScript/Air do such application that communicates peer-to-peer? And what is the code or method to do it?

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yes, it can - you'll want to check out adobe stratus which is currently in beta:

danny patterson has some good information on it:

but... you do have to connect to the rtmfp server at some point, but i believe that all the information is passed peer-to-peer after that... so I'm not sure if it'll work in your case, but it's worth checking out:)

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dead link: – bigp Oct 7 '13 at 21:45
That's a 4 year old link to a beta technology, so I'm not surprised. I'm no longer doing actionscript development, but it's been renamed Cirrus:, sample app here: – quoo Oct 8 '13 at 12:11

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