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When admin clicks the 'Go to App' on edit fan page, I am expecting the edit URL to invoke thru a POST along with a signed_request; instead the URL is getting called thru a GET with a ?fb_page_id=nnnnnn argument (where nnnnn is the pageId). No signed_request is received. I have filed this bug with Facebook (probably should be a key security enhancement, if this is not implemented yet)

Am I missing something, has anybody managed to get the signed_request on the invocation of Edit Tab URL ?

Btw, I have already managed to get the Page Tab URL to work and process the invocation that comes thru as a POST and a signed_request. All that is working fine, just looking for the Edit Tab URL.

enter image description here

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This seems to be a pretty common problem posted on SO lately. If the docs say you're supposed to get a signed_request, then you should file a bug with Facebook at – DMCS Jan 17 '12 at 3:28
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Aha! Looks like someone recently entered this as a bug.

You should go there and me-too the bug so Facebook can send it higher up in their triage!

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:-), That was me entering the bug (I also mention that in the question above). Thanks for taking a look at this and I hope Facebook can come back with the resolution. If this is true, then it a security issue and they are potentially making it difficult for Tab app developers to do avoidable security protection.. – user1055761 Jan 17 '12 at 4:01

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