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Is it possible to pass Socket/FileDescriptor from one activity to other activity in other application? I tried using Intent but got

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: File descriptors passed in Intent

Please help!

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Sure you can using Binder service.<br> Check stackoverflow.com/questions/14413810/…. –  videoguy Feb 21 at 0:16
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The short answer is: probably no, but...

Activity in the other application run in the other process. I believe, there is no ability to pass Socket or FileDescriptor from one process to another - neither in Java nor in Android. But it's possible in Linux using UNIX sockets and SCM_RIGHTS: man unix(7), cmsg(3). Since Android is based on Linux kernel, probably you can write this functionality in C and pass it to your Java code with JNI (see Android NDK). Possibly, you also have to implement your own versions of Socket and FileDescriptor. Summing up, I think you really don't want to do it all. Probably the best way - to review your task and find another, simpler solution.

Just in case: inside the one application you can reuse Sockets and FileDescriptors freely. For example, using static members and some kind of synchronization Intents.

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Sure you can - using content providers. Yo have to create your own content provider and override its method openFile. Read here, for instance: http://www.grokkingandroid.com/handling-binary-data-with-contentproviders/

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