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SQL0519: Prepared statement S000001 in use. Cause . . . . . : The application program has attempted to prepare statement S000001. This statement is the SELECT statement for cursor C000001 that is currently open. Recovery . . . : Change the statement name in the PREPARE statement or correct the logic of the application program so that it closes cursor C000001 before attempting the PREPARE statement again.

I have an ASP.NET web application that runs SQL queries on an iSeries Database. When I run locally through the virtual Visual Studio 2000 Web Server, everything works fine.

I uploaded onto an IIS server and now I get the above error everytime an SQL statement is run. I am using an XML SQLDataSource to populate a GridView.

Is there something else I can try adding to the code? An IIS congfiguration issue perhaps?

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The error message is indicating that the cursor has not been closed before trying to PREPARE again. Try this sequence:

  PREPARE cursor
  OPEN cursor
    FETCH from cursor
  end loop 
  CLOSE cursor
end loop
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The GridView SqlDataSource manages all that by itself. I never explicitly open/close the cursor. – jax Jan 20 '12 at 23:40

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