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I'm trying to make a command stream to read, but I'm getting compiling problems or segmentation faults. I want to access members in my struct command_stream, but I'll either get the "error: request for member 'stream'in something not a structure or union" or segmentation fault when I run it. My code looks like this.

typedef struct command_stream *command_stream_t;

struct command_stream
    int stream[100];
    int test;                                                                                                                                            

//get_next_byte is function that returns next byte in stream
//get_next_byte_argument is pointer to FILE

make_command_stream (int (*get_next_byte) (void *),void *get_next_byte_argument)

  command_stream_t * ptr = checked_malloc(sizeof(struct command_stream));
  int c;
  int count = 0;
  while((c = get_next_byte(get_next_byte_argument)) != EOF )

      //(*ptr)->stream[0] = 0;
      //(*ptr)->test = 0;                                                                                                                                
      //ptr->test = 0;
      //ptr->stream[count] = c;
  return 0;


checked_malloc is a function that is essentially malloc. get_next_byte is essentially getc, and gets the next char in the file. The problems are coming from ptr. If I try ptr->test or ptr->stream[count], I get the error"request for member ‘stream’ in something not a structure or union". If I try (*ptr)->stream[0] or (*ptr)->test, there's no compile error, but I get a segmentation fault. What's wrong?

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It either compiles or it doesn't - which is it? You said "but I'll either get the error ... or segmentation fault" –  Aaron McDaid Jan 17 '12 at 1:12

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Your type declarations are not consistent with your usage. Because you have typedef that defines command_stream_t as pointer to struct, that means your variable ptr is actually a pointer to a pointer to a struct. You either need to remove the * from your typedef or remove your * from the declaration of ptr.

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ptr has the type command_stream_t*, which is the same as struct command_stream **. If you want your ptr to have the type command_stream_t* then you should change your typedef from typedef struct command_stream* command_stream_t to typedef struct command_stream command_stream_t. By doing this you use ptr-><field> like you wanted to.

That said, (*ptr)-><field> will not return a valid address. Hence the segfault.

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