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I am trying to deploy a simple rails application to an heroku account, I was able to login and push, only it seems to hang when I try to heroku run rake db:migrate

or to

heroku run console

I get the message

Running console attached to terminal... 

and then nothing happens... it just hangs. I read that it could be I have some blocked ports (like, port 5000) but it seems quite strange to me, I never had such problems before...

I am on Ubuntu, how can I check if that's the case? or how could I fix the issue? Anybody got any hint? I already tried to heroku update, same issue...

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Sounds weird, because when you run that command it may take a while and produce no output. Does the logs point any error? heroku logs – pdjota Jan 17 '12 at 2:28
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Its the port problem i also face the same issue a while ago and their support guys told me top make open the port.

Here is their reply

This problem is typically caused by a connectivity or firewall issue. You can test your connection to our heroku run and heroku console servers by running the following commands:

telnet 5000
telnet 5000

Some users have success after whitelisting these hostname+port combinations in their firewall. We recommend contacting your IT department to move forward with this issue.

If you are successfully able to connect, press Ctrl+] (right bracket) and then type quit to exit the telnet session.

An application which takes a long time to boot can also exasperate connectivity issues. If the server does not respond quickly enough, your local connection will timeout before the app can boot.

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I was having the same problem, it worked for me. Thanks for saving my day. – Muhammad Nabeel Arif Feb 2 '12 at 7:05
a better solution to this is mentioned in stack overflow post.. use 'heroku run:detached rake db:migrate' instead of 'heroku run rake db:migrate' – Kumaresan Nov 27 '12 at 18:59

To test the net enabled access to that port try the following. They mention that filtered-port issue on their guide.

$ telnet 5000 
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