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I would like to ask a question in Titanium mobile. I am finding the way to add one custom navigation bar to all the screens in my project. Currently,I can't find any way to do it. for each window now, I do like this:


I don't wish to do:


for all the screens. This is kinda trouble some, I want to find the way to add just once.

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In Titanium to add navigation bar you add a navigation group. After adding a navigation group you simply add window to it i.e those windows that should be having your navigation bar.. here is the code for that:

 //First create a main window
   var win= Titanium.UI.createWindow();

  //one more window that will be shown first.
  var win1 = Titanium.UI.createWindow({  
  title:'window 1'


// Add a navigation group
 var nav = Titanium.UI.iPhone.createNavigationGroup({
 window: win1
 //you can do other customization 

 //Add navigation group to main window

Now suppose you want to navigate to another window on a button click then on the event listener of that button you can write this simple code.,{animated:true});

win2 is the another window that you create

For more reference you can refer there API doc. here is the link. Titanium API Doc

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